Third Traffic Management Implementor Course

Third Traffic Management Implementor

$ 999
  • TMI3
  • Unit: RIISS00062
  • 3 theoretical days
  • 20 hours of practical assessment

Are you ready to take on the challenge of traffic management implementation on motorways and freeways?

Our Traffic Management Implementer 3 Course is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge required for success in Temporary Traffic Management Category 3 environments; Motorways and Freeway.

Skills Covered: Run on-site operations and implement traffic management plans on motorways and freeways.

Entry Requirement: To enrol in our Traffic Management Implementer 3 Course, prospective learners must meet the following criteria:
– Completion of the RIISS00060 Traffic Management Implementer Skill Set for Urban Streets and Low Volume Rural Roads; and
– At least three months experience applying skills and knowledge relevant to the above-mentioned skill set in a temporary traffic management workplace; and
– providing evidence of relevant experience setting up at least 12 temporary traffic management designs including high speed roads; and at least two of the following design types:
– – pedestrian and cyclist controls
– – construction sites
– – lane closures
– – shoulder closures
– – night works
– – use of portable traffic control devices.

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Training and Assessment: Our training and assessment will be carried out through a combination of theoretical learning and practical experience. The theoretical course will take three days to complete.

Next course: 8 July, 2025, 9am, Dandenong

Following the three theoretical days, students will need to successfully complete 20 hours of practical assessment with a licenced traffic management company. Practical assessments will be conducted on declared Temporary Traffic Management Category 3 roads, providing learners with hands-on experience in real-world settings. We offer all eligible students placement with Barleys Traffic Management.

Join us at Barleys Traffic Management Training and take the next step towards a successful career in the industry. Enrol now and secure your future in traffic management!